RAFF 5 Things Webinar

5 Things To Do Now To Improve Your Health & Fitness Webinar

👇 Watch the below video now to learn the 5 things to do NOW to improve your health & fitness 👇

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6 Week Body Transformation Programme

If you’re a retired or inactive footballer aged between 35 and 55 who is looking to improve your health and fitness, why not check out the Retired Amateur Footballer Fitness 6 Week Online Body Transformation Programme.

In the programme you will get the following:

  • 6 week personalised home training programme to help build strength, increase fitness levels and burn fat,
  • Workouts no longer than 20 minutes (32 minutes with warm up & cool down)
  • Nutritional guidance to get you into a calorie deficit to achieve goals
  • Weekly online check in for accountability
  • Weekly group video call held 3 times a week to discuss performance, offer support with a view of keeping you on track
  • 1 email or messenger message a week support (you can ask as many questions as you like in this 1 email/message)
  • App to track workouts and performance.
  • Access to a private Facebook group that only clients on the programme have access to
  • Resistance Bands for your home workouts

If you would like more information about the 6 Week Online Body Transformation Programme, or would like to sign up straight away, please click here