FITR-YOU 6 Week Online Body Transformation Programme

FITR-YOU is looking for busy individuals to join the 6 Week Body Transformation Programme:

Are you a busy professional, aged 30 and above and looking to:

  • Increase fitness levels
  • Be more active
  • Improve eating habits
  • Lose body fat
  • Tone up
  • Feel stronger and more energised
  • Improve confidence, then this programme is for you.

9 reasons why you should choose the FITR-YOU 6 week body transformation programme:

  1. Aid fat loss goals. Just think how great you’ll feel in your clothes again.
  2. Improve overall fitness levels. No need to be out of breath when going up the stairs.
  3. Feel re-energised. I remember that feeling of lethargy. It’s time to get rid of that, and have more energy for the things you enjoy.
  4. Personalised program designed to provide optimum performance.
  5. Workouts that can be performed at a time of day suitable to you, not me.
  6. No requirement for a gym membership. There is no need to spend between £15 to £60+ extra each month on a gym membership.
  7. Have 1:1 support through weekly check ins to keep you accountable.
  8. Working with someone who has empathy as is also short on time and is the same fitness programme I follow.
  9. 100% money back guarantee if you put the work in and don’t see the results.

Yes that’s right, an 100% money back guarantee.

I want to make sure you see this so I’ll repeat. If you work hard and follow the programme & nutritional guidelines set and you don’t see results, I guarantee 100% of your money back, no questions asked. That’s how confident I am that I can help you achieve the results you want to achieve.

Who is this programme NOT designed for!

The programme is designed to fit in with your hectic life.

I completely understand the struggle of juggling everything that life throws at you along with keeping fit. With this in mind, I need you to know from the outset that this won’t be easy. You need to understand this before parting with your hard earned cash.

If you think you’ll want to make excuses, then please don’t get involved. I know my programme is time saving as you don’t have to leave your house to go to a gym, but you will have to put some work in to get your desired results.

If you think that after 6 weeks you will be at your desired goal, for most, think again. This is not a quick fix, I’ll not bullshit you or sell you an unrealistic dream! Trust me, there’s plenty of them programmes out there that will promise you the perfect body after 14 days. They generally don’t work or are not sustainable, and you’ll be right back at the beginning again and a few ££’s down.

If you don’t think you can find 25 minutes a day, 4 times a week to exercise and 20 minutes a day to walk, then this programme really isn’t for you.

The Workouts

For the workouts you will need resistance bands. These can be purchased for £20-£30 from Amazon (I will provide links). The main bulk of the workouts will be resistance band based and of high intensity.

Workouts in the 6 week programme will be around 30 minutes long (including warm up and cool down), all of which can be completed either indoors or outdoors.

The improvement in fitness levels will be determined by the frequency in which you exercise. Ideally you’ll be looking to train 4 days a week and walk for around 20 minutes a day.

If you feel that you can find the time, and won’t make excuses then you will have my full support throughout this programme.

COST – Initial 6 weeks £49 – £49pm thereafter


  • 6 weeks training programme
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Weekly online check in
  • Email or WhatsApp support
  • App to track workouts and, performance

What My Past Clients Have Said:

Worked with Andy for a couple of months and in such a short time I showed a marked improvement. Even with distance and only use of technology Andy was able to personalise a plan that worked for me

Highly recommend Andy if anyone wants to make a difference to themselves

Lee M

I’m really pleased about this progress and I feel great!

Izabella E

Huge thank you to Andy for helping me shift those lockdown lbs. Great training plans tailored to my specific needs and tweaked to make sure they are 100% effective, as well as offering guidance on nutrition and macros. Would highly recommend!

Lewis K

If this sounds right for you or you would like to discuss further please send me an email to [email protected] I’ll be back in contact to arrange an 30 minute free initial consultation call.

Do you have any questions? If so please feel free to either email me at [email protected] or bring them along to the initial consultation call.

I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.